Joe Peacock Cosmetics

I've tried a couple times today to document my recent polish purchases, but blogger isn't cooperating al all. So you just get to see one of my new lovelies, however, I have been quite ill as of late, and as a result, was too out of it to remember to take a picture of it before I Konaded over it. I was actually quite surprised when I came across nail polish in the Joe Cosmetics section at Superstore. The makeup products from Joe have always impressed me, and they're quite reasonably priced. They only had about a third of the colours in stock, the rest are 'coming soon', however the colours of nail polish they had were gorgeous. I have no doubts that I will eventually own the entire line. So, this beauty is Peacock. I've stamped over it with China Glaze DV8 and plate M60. It's a gorgeous dark teal with bright turquoise shimmer. It's very much in the same family as DV8, but darker.
This was the first colour that my eye was drawn to. It is what my friends call a "me" colour. These polishes are $4.00 each or 3/$9.99 at Superstore. The only downside is that the bottles are quite small. They're 6mL, which is less than half the size of a regular bottle of most other polishes, which seem to fall around the 14-15mL mark. Which almost makes them minis with a regular sized brush. But the formula was good, full opaque coverage in 2 coats, which is better luck than I usually have with polishes in this colour vein. Once I had one that looked to be like this in the bottle, and it was so sheer, after 4 coats, it still looked nothing like the bottle colour. The brush was a little fluffier than I'd have liked, and the large round handle was awkward, but the colour more than made up for that for me. I'll fight with it to get my nails this colour. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to share the rest of my finds, if the internet cooperates.