Nars - Zulu

There is no need, I think, to even introduce Nars "Zulu". Or should I? I know few about the original. I'm not even sure it was released in Europe. All I know is that it is with a couple of other polishes, one of the most sougth after polish ever, some kind of unicorn that few of us ever expected to get their hands on. Then Nars announced they would re-release it and it's finally there again. For real. As a green lover, as a jelly lover, as a vampy lover, I've always wanted the more than elusive Zulu but I was never interested in even trying to go on a hunt for this one. I'm not rolling on gold like many of us and I must confess that what I paid for one bottle of this one full price is definitely my limit when it comes to nail polish prices. After I tested "Purple Rain" though (it never dried on me and I found the color unimpressive), I was a bit reluctant at the idea to buy this one, afraid to repeat an error (I gifted "Purple Rain") but I did it anyway. And you know what? I have no regrets. "Zulu" didn't steal the craze that is surrounding it. It's as gorgeous as a dark and juicy vampy green jelly can be. 

Nars Zulu

Not too blue. Not too yellow. Just perfectly balanced and the perfect idea you'd have of a jelly dark green. Seriously, it reminds me of blood. Green blood, sapor, wild nature creatures. It is as beautiful indoors as it is in sunlight but I prefer it when the sun goes through this vegetal jelly and reveal its revigorating nature. I always say that I find green revigorating and I even more do when I see this one. Plus it's classy. Like a red jelly. Only turned green. Formula speaking, it applied without a problem, smoothly, easily and I found it really easy to work with (jellies can be sticky sometimes but this one isn't). I did 2 coats and it's perfectly glossy (no top coat and I see myself in my nails like in a mirror). It dries well, which led me to think that "Purple Rain" was really an incident and should not question Nars formula in itself. Long story short: It's a must have. I'm in love. One last thought about "Zulu": when a brand re-release a strongly sought after item, it kills speculation. I have just one thing to say. Respect Nars.

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